We are not like other green energy providers. We challenge the idea that ‘being green’ is all about making a big commitment, about making an extra effort, and paying extra costs. Indeed, companies often talk about green energy as an alternative. On the contrary, green energy makes sense for everyone, and we want to make it mainstream. So, our prices are competitive not only within the green market, but also the entire utilities industry. By minimising the cost and effort it takes to switch, we aim to remove all obstacles to going green. Put simply: we do care about the environment, but we are not idealists with our heads in the clouds. We are down to earth, in every sense.

We think you deserve great service not just from us but from all the parties that form the energy network. That’s energy you can trust, and customer service and information when you need it. We won’t cold-call you, and we don’t door-step people, ever. So we’ve set out the minimum standards you can expect from us, and them, in our customer promise.

We appreciate that there may be times when some of our customers find it difficult to keep on top of their energy bills. In response we have drawn up a four stage process to help customers who might be struggling.

  • Energy Saving Advice
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Helping Vulnerable Customers

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